Al Faris International School educational program follows an American curriculum. The school year consists of two semesters beginning in September and ending June. The school offers an American High School Diploma . Graduation requirements include a minimum of 24 credits including 12 hours of community service for each year.
The school follows a rigorous rich program in English, mathematics and science.
The school curriculum takes into consideration the distinctive learning needs of students from kindergarten through grade 12. Our school is a direct response to the rising global appreciation of the benefits of a student’s education. Our in-depth understanding, based on years of extensive experience and research of how students learn and succeed, sets us apart from other schools in the region.
We are committed to offering our students a unique learning environment that places them first and foremost. Your child will encounter strong role models and enjoy numerous opportunities to develop leadership skills.
We take pride in focusing on the strengths of students while trying to improve their weaknesses in a nurturing and challenging environment.
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